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Quality & Efficience

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Are you planning an important party or event? When it comes to making an occasion as special as possible, you want every detail to be perfect from the theme of your decor to the silverware on your table.

Whether you’re preparing for a wedding, throwing a graduation party or holding a corporate event, you have so many factors to consider and boxes to check.

Taking care of the basic necessities can be challenging enough not to mention the extra work that goes into decor, displays and special features.

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When you rent from us you are participating in the shared economy! Our goal is to reduce the amount of items that end up ultimately in landfills.

Extensive Selection

When our items are too worn out to rent, we will extend their lifecycles by donating them, or reusing the fabrics to make new items.

Creative Solutions

It is more sustainable to rent items you would otherwise use only a couple of times. The more we can share, the less waste we create.

Event Tent Packages

Whether you want to elevate the everyday meal or plan an elegant dinner party, we are here to deliver lots of style with little fuss.

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Quality & Efficience

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We believe that the table is the heart of any home—a place where people gather to break bread, share conversation, and create memories together. Whether it’s a family dinner for four or a soirée for sixteen, we believe your table should tell a memorable, beautiful story. That’s where Freshly Set comes in….

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Every detail matters, make this day unforgettable

We are a rental service offering designer goods delivered directly to your doorstep. Our online catalog of tablecloths and accessories from top designer brands makes it incredibly easy for you to entertain in style. Shop our Set collection, compose your look, and let us help you curate an unforgettable aesthetic for any occasion.

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